Cast iron and cedar benches along Monument Walk – the brick step pathway between the George Washington Equestrian statue and the Fountain – are available for adoption. An adopted bench features a permanent bronze plaque that provides a wonderful way to remember loved ones, recognize civic service, honor a family member, or commemorate a milestone.

A gift of $3,000 provides for the restoration of a bench, annual care of the bench including replacement when necessary, and a handsome bronze recognition plaque.
Proceeds from the adopted benches support the Virginia Capitol Foundation, the independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to support the ongoing restoration, preservation and interpretation of the Virginia Capitol, Capitol Square and the Executive Mansion. Bench adoption gifts are full tax-deductible.

To Reserve your Bench, you can:

  • email or call (804) 786-1012 to discuss the details, including the location your bench and wording for your plaque, and other details.