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The 2021 Ornament (front)
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Thomas Jefferson believed written constitutions should change to remain relevant and useful to future generations. Virginians have lived under seven state constitutions between 1776 and 1971. The 50th anniversary of Virginia’s 1971 Constitution is an important opportunity to acknowledge how our Commonwealth has evolved. Virginia adopted its first Constitution in 1776, declaring an end to the rule of Great Britain and its monarch over the citizens of a new Commonwealth. Virginia also led the nation by adopting the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which later directly influenced the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights. The 1971 Virginia Constitution took important steps to renounce the previous 1902 state constitution by eliminating the poll tax, enshrining a ban on racially segregated schools, establishing local funding for the public education of every school-aged child, and prohibiting governmental discrimination based on race, color, national origin, or sex. Images of the Virginia Constitutions of 1776, 1869, 1902, and 1971 are based on the original documents archived at the Library of Virginia. The Virginia State Capitol still serves as the historic meeting place for creating and amending both our state and federal constitutions. The image of the Capitol features the two 1906 wings added to the east and west sides of the original 1788 building, which provided much-needed space for Virginia’s General Assembly, the oldest elected legislative body in North America. The 2007 visitor entrance is based on the Temperance Temple, a springhouse at Bremo Plantation in Fluvanna County, Virginia, which was modeled after an ancient prototype at the Acropolis in Athens.

Ornaments are $25 each or if ordering five or more ornaments, the price is $22 each.

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The Series

The official Virginia State Capitol Ornaments are a series of annual collectible ornaments, featuring the historic treasures of Capitol Square. Finished in a brilliant 24k gold, made in the USA (with selected ornaments made exclusively in Virginia), and presented in a handsome gift box, the ornaments are a perfect gift. All proceeds support the Virginia Capitol Foundation’s mission to support the restoration, preservation, and interpretation of the Virginia Capitol, Capitol Square, and Executive Mansion.

The First Annual Ornament, introduced in 2012, features the Jefferson-designed Capitol, and subsequent ornaments include: the historic Bell Tower (2013), the historic Executive Mansion (2014), the George Washington Equestrian Monument (2015), a commemorative tribute to Thomas Jefferson, Architect of Liberty (2016), “The Fountain at Monument Walk” (2017), Capitol Police 400th Anniversary (2018), Capitol Dome 400th Anniversary of Representative Government (2019), and the historic Old City Hall (2020). Each of these ornaments is available for sale, along with the latest ornament.