Virginia Capitol Foundation Goals – To enable the Capitol to realize its educational, cultural, and economic potential, the Virginia Capitol Foundation has identified four goals:

  1. Enhance educational programs.
    The Capitol is home to the General Assembly, the first English-speaking representative government in our country. It makes a powerful statement that the Capitol has been maintained for over 200 years as more than a museum reflecting our history; witnessing democracy in action will inspire future generations of Virginians, Americans, and international visitors to understand, appreciate, participate in, and replicate our democracy here and around the world. Dynamic educational programs and exhibits will effectively tell the story of our representative government and celebrate Virginia’s central role in American history.
  2. Preserve our historic treasures.
    The Capitol is a fine-arts museum, displaying and safeguarding some of Virginia’s most priceless treasures. The Capitol itself is a work of art. As the first example of Monumental Classicism in the New World, it has become a prototype for countless capitols, courthouses, and municipal buildings. Capitol Square is an important showcase of historic landscape architecture, as one of the oldest enclosed public parks in our country. Advocacy and support for ongoing preservation of the Capitol and Capitol Square including the acquisition, restoration, and installation of art and artifacts will enable the public to view and appreciate the Commonwealth’s cultural treasures.
  3. Maximize the Capitol’s economic and tourism impact.
    The Capitol has an important economic impact on our region. The Capitol is the face of Virginia for all corporations considering the Commonwealth for the location of their operations. If positioned properly, the Capitol has the ability to serve as the flagship of tourism outreach for Virginia, drawing more visitors to other local and statewide tourist destinations and businesses. Collaboration with regional historic sites will further enhance the tourism impact of the Capitol. Strategic marketing efforts will enable the Capitol to fully realize its status as a valuable economic engine and a cornerstone of tourism.
  4. Establish the Virginia Capitol Foundation as the private-sector advocate for Capitol Square, engaging the community in support of Foundation initiatives.

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